Movement orders Android

Several motor commands there are Android operating system that makes it work are becoming more rapid. The commands in this section is different from the operating system have taken place.
Use the new Android devices, thanks to the motor, the recipe has never been simpler. Users with a few simple motor command, can be adopted as soon as possible the faster sections. Android users can for example; with a simple touch, between the chrome browsers tab. Use two feather of a new Google map view displays the map.

Are you attempting to view the video, the virtual buttons are secret hum? With a simple gesture, you can restore them. In this article we’re going to go with the familiar Android movement orders and it will more easily at the time of the use of Android devices.

An easy way to view the quick settings section
When fingers from the top of the page to drag down the mobile Notifications bar is displayed at the top where some settings are visible. But if you’re Android device versions lower than Android uses; a button in the top corner of the page you will find that with a touch of it, you can “quick settings” section. In this section, various buttons on the phone’s settings there that enable or disable with a touch. For example, you can turn on or off Wi-Fi.

Android users can with one simple touch, the chrome browser tab to move between

Now if the fingers again from top to bottom, you can see additional settings. The options available in this section depends on how the user has already stacked. For example, through this section you can rotate the display on or off automatically. Buttons to enable and disable Bluetooth, hotspot, flight mode and it’s something like in this section.

If you want to directly enter a section, among other approaches Shortcuts there as well. In the previous method were twice forced fingers from the top of the page to drag down the first run in the Notifications bar and the second time the quick settings. But you can drag the two fingers from top to bottom, straight to the section Shortcuts accesses. By doing this, all the options available on the display Shortcuts sections.

Returns the virtual home button

In Android, when you are watching the video or any other full-screen activity, virtual home button can be hidden and somewhat disturbing for some people. In many cases, these buttons with a simple kick to page are displayed again, but this method is not always functional and sometimes, even with a hit to display these buttons cannot be seen. The reason for this is that the subject of the application to use it. For example, if the YouTube application for watching full-screen video, with a simple kick to page can hum again button.

But if your home has a virtual button is astounding, it is better than the other way to view it. In terms of something like this, drag your finger from top to bottom of the page, makes it a virtual home button displayed.

Activate the camera with double-click

Some of the smart phone, clicking some of the physical buttons on the device makes certain activities to be carried out, and in fact these buttons have a motor that are doing it orders each, certain acts to be done on the phone (like run the camera application). If the device is Android you pop or new versions of Android are more selective, in any situation, you can double-click the physical button power, run the camera application. This feature of the time even when you are using an application you are no longer practical.

View a Google map with a new view

Android operating system

Android phone map application, various information displays to users that have the same subject makes the view from the other exponential map. In the Google Maps application, users can via motor commands, actions do. To view maps in 3D, just two fingers to pull up the page from top to bottom the city buildings to see in 3D. To make the map view and the normal 3D mode, it is enough that two-finger drag up from the bottom of the page.

Refresh chrome off the screen by dragging a finger

In the browser chrome, the normal method for refresh off the screen is that the application menu in the corner to open the top of the page and press the refresh to form a circular Flash, get in touch. But it should be noted that a more rapid method to perform this process also exists. To refresh pages in chrome, simply drag the finger from top to bottom-up refresh begin page.
Also if kept the phone with the right hand, by dragging the thumb of the right hand corner of the page for the Arch of the spooky to the bottom, you can open the chrome menu.

Move the tab between chrome address bar by dragging your finger on the

In addition to the refresh button at the top of the page the browser chrome Android devices, we’re seeing another button in this section through which can be used to access an existing tab. But it should be noted that a more rapid procedure is also to move between different browser tabs there. If you have multiple open browser tab, you can drag your finger on the address bar, move the tab to the other. By doing this, the other tab to appear in the slideshow page.

Move the cursor by dragging a finger click on Myspace

Different movement orders for being faster in the Android operating system

In Android when you type text, to edit a word should be fingers several times on the move the text to the desired section. In such circumstances, the cursor (same line that shows where you are in the text) will be hidden. But a way to move the cursor there. Users through the default Android keyboard, can drag your finger on the button, the back or forward the distance (Space), the position of the cursor.

To make use of the ability to move the cursor through the Space, drag your finger on the button to apply the settings should be. To start the log settings section and enter the language and input (input & Languages) and go on the virtual keyboard (Virtual keyboard). Should keyboard Google (Google Keyboard), and then came the gesture typing (typing Gesture). Now have the option of gesture control cursor (cursor control Gesture).

Erase the words by dragging a finger of the left Backspace button
Be sure the text while typing long noticed that by putting a finger on the Backspace button, clear the text letters respectively; of course, due to the low speed, this process is very tedious. But also this motor command out there that makes it easier to remove the words as soon as possible. Simply touch the Backspace button and then drag your finger to the left to clear the words more quickly. By doing this, a large part of the letters are chosen to clean and your text will be cleared sooner. But if you can change your finger without the drop, to the right of the Backspace button and pull.

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