Signs of hacking your computer

Not only that you can always find out how long your computer has been hacked and can be very hard to make this happen. But there are signs here that can access your computer’s personal disclosure. Therefore, the following notice and if any of it has happened to you, the chances of your computer being hacked most of the other items.

Suddenly becomes low speed performance

If your computer recently or connect to the Internet it has been slower than in the past, this is the power of the personal computer or broadband Internet. Many hackers by installing and running an application in the background of the computer resources available to victims and reduce the speed of everything.


Of course here except your computer being hacked, other reasons could also be for this rate reduction. Computers, but for the sake of being old faced with slow; that’s why we are the only criterion for a sudden drop we can hack the computer. If this happened to you during the day, means that something suspicious is going on. The same theorem in the case of Internet connection speed also applies. If more than usual and without using it, your Internet speed was low, which means that the width of the hacks are killed.

The appearance of new programs

Hackers can program to be installed on your computer, so can pay easily dangerous tasks. Things such as the launch of information sheets that the baht can take your credit card and banking., turn off your computer and all of the information that eats the extraction pain. In the event that you have any doubt, a new toolbar to the eye area, the antivirus warnings can be seen, pop-up appear strange and weird and new browsers as well as with the types of alerts are visible.


It can be tempting when you have programs that always wanted to find on your computer happens; especially if it is a fresh, new or expensive. So keep in mind that the programs you have installed on your computer and watch anything suspicious that you see.



Turn off antivirus

Your antivirus program should be active and running all the time. You can find its icon in your computer see also task times. If it is stopped or be able to afford to run it, it is likely that a hacker has disabled and unable to make it. Since antivirus can be a good sign so you will notice a goods attack, thought that you daily or weekly to scan your computer with antivirus and of course a full version antivirus-powerful daily and weekly updates on the computer.


Unable to log in

You may be thousands of times your computer but now pass does not work. In the first place, it is likely you will find a struck the wrong word, so this time more accurately, perhaps trying to solve your problem. But if you fail to log in not, the probability of being hacked your computer.


If your entry door lock on you, that means that someone has to influence and to make available more freedom of action, and the front of your access.


The activities of the voluminous

When computer activity, factors are up in the background of the operating system are that it is quite normal. But if you turn on your computer and see something more than usual are up, there might be something suspect.


If your mouse pointer when you don’t touch it or moves if your browser history can be found that addresses because you never promises to head, or when a simple task such as checking email and make your hard drive to the intensity of the work being done, all these can be signs of your computer being hacked.


Of course, that in this there are also exceptions. As an example may be the jolt the mouse because its battery is being completed. Or that your children without informing you have computer and Internet browser. Task Manager Windows and Mac active or check the monitor, because that can help you identify consumption filled programs.



The inability to turn off the

If your personal computer control, the control that is going to continue to have on hand and this means that your computer also must remain clear. If you can not always according to the normal procedure and turn off your computer, it is possible that someone in front of this work takes place.


As well as the length of the immense periods of time to pull off can also be a dangerous sign, because the hacker would be able to buy a little time to do their work at a later time.


A lot of your friends activities report

Do your friends have told you recently that e-mails and text messages a lot of peculiar to it are sending? This can be a result of it being hacked and have your computer. Send a link of the poisoned, one of the most obvious things is that hacker’s use this way seek to people familiar with your hack. In fact, hacker’s dangerous links added to your emails.

Sometimes maybe even e-mail sent to see you, but it never not send from your computer. So anyone who you are in this regard reported, immediately check everything.


Access request

Depending on your security settings, the program may need to apply permissions. Sometimes these allow access through your firewall. Sometimes it will not allow you to run great or maybe need to information from other programs as well. Anything that you ask permission for the unfamiliar, is a warning sign.


It’s hard not to Miss breasts of these requests, so spend a few seconds reading the message off it. Beware of programs that has never even heard the name as well.


Fraudulent financial transactions

This can be very dangerous. If you find, however (although low) in his bank account, this can be an indication for stolen bank information to you.


If these symptoms we saw what should we do?

These cases are a warning to all of everything is more serious than the last. This can be a very dangerous 9, but to distribute the everyone has a solution.

If your computer or Internet connection was slow and heavy, be sure to have all the required items to check.  Check your manager as well as a full version antivirus. And at the end of all incoming and outgoing data communication networks as well.


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