Max Pro, the first fingerprint sensor (g) waterproof

Waterproof fingerprint sensor-equipped smartphone is the first in the world
The Chinese company LeTV only 6 months of brands life in the world of smart phones, smart phone is a totally different electronic products exhibition at the CES in Las Vegas by 2016.

The phone called the Max Pro (Max Pro) from the first phones that Samsung Galaxy s 7, AMD also equipped with 820 snapdragon.

Max Pro (Max Pro) as well as ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is waterproof for the first time (in the the existing sensors if the finger is not open phone lock wet) on the side of the security approval from the IRIS/iris in its place, and with the design of the display with the top and bottom edges of the stretched out (unlike the Galaxy s 6 run Samsung curved side glass from find) is going to happen to a different design.

Although the images to mind the auto phones release, but this phone is 5.5-inch with a resolution of 1440 2560 pixel in the day January 5, 11:30 a.m. local time in a ceremony in Las Vegas in the sight of the experts can be laid to the technical topics about the ultrasonic sensor and also the security of confirmation on the iris of the eye iris. 4 GB RAM (temporary memory), 21 4-megapixel camera, and Android is the same as marshmallow or 0.0 6 other technical specifications Max Peru phone (Max Pro) which is not on the battery energy storage has not yet been announced.

The Chinese company LeTV in 2004, their activities began in the world of online and e-commerce to … Does. Only 6 fish is a brand with international manufacturing and supply of the Smartphone and the income of the employee for 8 thousand companies 6.0 1 billion dollars.

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