How to clear your digital world?

Many users may be a week, a rank, a rank or even in the worst case a year visit the room or your wardrobe tidy.
We’ve learned from the madranaman fathers and their living environment clean, add devices that are healthy and do not need them to the needy and were not the useless rites and have been for no one utility, let’s away. With the benefit of this training has always been your regular sort of life environment and kept from living and working in a clean environment, we can enjoy and feel relaxed.

Unfortunately this delight in the real world as long as that of the computer, or use smart devices, because at the time of our fathers and mothers of this information there is not shape the digital world in this much and not size so that they can arrange the necessary training to keep our information in the digital world as well as we learn. As a result our digital life is full of bustle and confusion do not observe the order and arrange periodic cleansing and just view it may teach stress or lose the focus.

If you would like to get to know the methods of clearing digital life so that in addition to the real world to the virtual information also give more order, the sleeve up!


Some users of particular interest to multiple software installation on computers and smart devices, and others may also be things to do at different time intervals on the software installed on your computer or smart device. Install the software on multiple machines as well as with the passage of time makes large amounts of different programs which are installed on the device, in addition to occupying storage space, crosstalk, software and operating system problems as well.

Another part of the same software to digital life clearing is concerned that its implementation should be a smart device or on your computer, see to manage part of the software and any software that is the name of the area or you have not used it for a long time. The removal of these programs dont worry, because if you need to, you can also install them again and be sure that you do not remember the name or is over six months you have not used it, it may not be up to another six months also!

Work table
The same desktop on your computer desktop or some users, such as clothes lockers which is to find a dress should be all available in it upside down. Because of the design of the desktop environment as this user manual has been that its tail information temporarily click on it to access them quickly.

Unfortunately this work table for some users to throw needles instead of metaphor and storage time on it. If you are part of the same users as well and the bustle of the desktop has caused your information handy tail also do not miss it and even space for putting this information on the desktop is not available, we now propose to sort and purge it .

The first action to clean up the desktop also refer to route the file Explorer tool by desktop or Finder, then the display mode option List or Thumbnail view and with check and put time on file creation, last file access time, view a preview of the file. You have options that would discard, and options that you may be likely to have, they need to have a separate folder.

We also offer a separate folder for each year and its related files into a folder to itself. In this way, finally, may be placed on your desktop folder ten and this can be caused by having a clean desktop, and ordered the deployment of computers and view the desktop wallpaper fun.

Believe the author of this entry is also in this case particularly among the same number of users, a slut that goes with each time a visit to the tumultuous mailbox urging to head up monitoring stress, because over hundreds of emails in there and the only way to have access to any of the emails also use search form ogost!

If you also enter your e-mail management service so you have the same feeling and looking for a way to get rid of the stress, the same strategy by clearing your desktop to propose, because surely can not be all single single emails or to review the options that have been thwarted, replied.

The best method to clean up and sort the e-mails use a yearly archives. To do this with the use of existing facilities on its e-mail service, folders created with a different title of the year and continue using the search form or the capabilities of existing work, emails relating to filter every year. Then the filtered emails to a folder to move the same year to the e-mail inbox (Inbox) to be emptied completely.

Now your email service as well as home and sort of cleansing and can calmly manage the new emails. Of course, this point is also not forgotten that no e-mail is not deleted and every time that your previous email archive you can use the same search form to find them. Also, in the event that the volume of mail you can also be a folder to delete the oldest years. (If you have an important e-mail or memory is not stored in that folder)

Your mobile photos
Smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets a large part of the digital life of users and gives one of the most interesting features that this device provides to users of smart, shooting and filming of different moments. If you are also among the interested users Salafi, evocative photos and videos or hunt moments, certainly your smart device from a variety of photos and videos that will soon occupy it, memory is filled.

Sort and purge the photos stored in the smart devices including things to order up your digital life, you need to do, of course, referring to clear this section, delete and lose the photos and videos, but you can photos and videos stored on your smart device to transfer the computer or using cloud storage service application builder, a copy of which In cloud services and then save the existing file on your smart device to delete.

By doing this, such as possible accidents in the event of loss, deterioration or theft of your information, your smart device being never miss and get a free device memory, with more space to record photos and videos and get the firmware update or install at your disposal.

Browser tab

Another of the bad habits of some users, open the browser tab to keep referring to the sites and access to content has been updated. By doing this, the memory of the browser cache could not be evacuated and the like is that different waste accumulated on the previous waste!


If you are also open to the SQL tab for quick access to them have a habit, we offer the capability to add now to Favorites or bookmark list in the help browser and all open tab on this list are. After doing this, you can close all open tab browser cache or even memory and the history of it as well. To refer to any of the tabs is not enough to list, see bookmark and click on that site, its content is loading for you.

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