How I Was Able To Reset My Windows Password In Minutes

Was there a time in your life wherein you just went blank at that time when you are about to access your computer? That no matter how you stir your brain up, you still cannot figure out what the password is. Well, I was on that same situation before and that’s the reason why I have decided to install the Reset Password Pro. The great thing about Reset Password Pro is that it allows you to reset your password in only a few minutes.

What I did

What I did at first was I went to their website which can be accessed at You will find a video demonstration about this product on the homepage of their site and I suggest that you watch it if you want to find out more about this product. After I have watched the video, I decided to give the product a try. I honestly was doubtful at first but when I found out that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee, I thought, well, there is actually no harm in trying it.

So what I did was clicked on the link that says “Download Reset Password Pro.” I was then taken to a page where I was asked to click on a green button that says “Download Now”. After that, I was asked to pay the $37.95 onetime fee.

Take note that there are no other charges that you will be paying and you will not be burdened to pay any monthly fees if you decide to purchase the product. Simply provide them with your card details and as soon as they have confirmed your payment of $37.95, you will then be taken to a page that will ask you to download the software. The process is so easy and in only a few minutes, you will be done with the installation.

What’s Next

After you have installed the software, you will then be asked to get a CD or a USB drive which will serve as the “boot disk”. Basically, the disk is what you will use in resetting the password of a computer. So simply plug in the CD or the USB drive and burn the software there.

This should take you less than a minute only. After that, run the CD or the USB on the computer or laptop that you want to access. You should be given a list of the administrators of the computer. If you are the only one using the device, then click on your name and what the disk will do next is remove the option for keying in a password and then you can use the computer even if you do not provide a password at all. That’s how easy it is to use.

How I Benefited From Reset Password Pro

How I Benefited From Reset Password Pro Are you like other people who seem to always forget what their passwords are? If you are, then just like me, you have probably experienced those instances wherein you ended up getting frustrated simply because you cannot access your laptop and check important files and documents. Sure, there might be some ways to this, such as answering security questions, but what if you cannot remember what the answers to those questions are? The experience is certainly annoying.


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Some of my colleagues have tried other tools aside from the Reset Password Pro when it comes to resetting the password of their computer, and although they all turned out effective, only the Reset Password Pro has the ability to reset the computer’s password in only a few minutes.
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