Clearing the terminal history

One of the tools in the application shortcut keys are filled the Terminal on Mac OS and Linux, the facade towards the key.

When you press this key the last command typed in the terminal type automatically, and with each push-order again this key, the command before it is displayed. This operation can be repeated until the command so that in the days, weeks and even months at the Terminal have also recorded for you to be displayed and you can use them again.

At first glance supports this feature (the history of the command entered into the Terminal) is useful and enables the users without the need to retype your commands you want to use them, but the same application to the appearance of many security problems can be useful also to have a companion, because any other user can also be compiled with the command, see the section on access to different operating systems and even a subversive activities Also on the system.

If you want to get in front of this subversive activities should manage the terminal history. This history is also easy and some methods are possible:

The history of the current activity

If you intend only the imported command history related to the current implementation of the tool to remove the Terminal the command history is enough to enter in Terminal c – and run.

By executing this command no traces remaining of the imported commands in command history is not recorded, but note this command to purge the information contained in the history of all activities leading to the implementation of the current tool only and not the terminal you will be limited.

The entire history of activities

For clearing the history of recorded commands related to the whole terminal is sufficient tools rm command performances rm ~/.bash_history in this tool.

With the implementation of this command is the entire history of the Terminal including the history related to the current implementation of the software will be removed

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