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How To Play Fast Blues Licks On Guitar


If you look to guitarists playing fast blues licks, you might think to yourself that you will never get these under you fingers. In this article I will prove to you that these powerful blasts of speed are quite manageable if you break down the licks and learn to play them step by step.

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Chord Tone Soloing – Dominant Pentatonic Scale


Think back to the moment when you just learned to improvise on guitar and played your first licks in the minor pentatonic scale. It felt awesome to be able to play over a backing track, to create your own guitar solos and to express the way you felt by means of guitar playing. You saw your improvisation qualities improve rapidly and it felt like some kind of magic. As you mastered the minor pentatonic scale completely, you may have noticed that you got stuck and your soloing didn’t improve much anymore. In this article we will talk about a few simple techniques to break through these limitations and take your blues guitar soloing to a whole new level. Continue reading Chord Tone Soloing – Dominant Pentatonic Scale

Guitar Jamming – Blues Guitar Jam


Before committing yourself to a blues guitar jam session, there are a couple of things that you should know. Especially if you have a certain fear of not being able to jam with the ‘big guys’. This is a fear that is shared by a lot of guitarists. Even experienced guitarists who play for many years are sometimes still struggling with their inner voices from time to time, regardless of the technical mastery of their instrument. So let’s take a look at exactly what is holding you back to get up on that stage and what is necessary to turn yourself into the perfect guitar jamming partner.
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