Apple Put to Test Extreme Weather Resistance Property of Watch


The Cupertino Company Apple Inc. has conducted a testing program for a one year period. The comprehensive testing program has covered various aspects of testing. The company had exposed the watch to different weather. After the comprehensive testing, the Cupertino Company has collected its health and fitness results to analyze its functionalities. This has helped the company to roll out better features in the product. In this article, we would be looking at the testing conditions of the watch to make it weather-resistant.

Testing Conditions

According to some media organizations in America, the Cupertino Company had tested its Watch at one of the testing grounds. The sources quoting some company employees suggest that the testing engineers had traveled to different places, including Alaska and Dubai, to test the working conditions of watch. Apart from testing under different conditions outside, the company had tested its wearable device at its top-secret health and fitness lab. In this lab, the company’s engineers tested various properties of Apple Watch for one year. In all, the company has tested over 10,000 hours of workout sessions so that sufficiently large number of data could be collected. The company sources claim that it has put to test the Watch in large variety of conditions when compared to what the traditional academic research has done to make a comprehensive knowledge base for further building up of the watch working profile. Hence, the new product has fared well in all conditions that one can expect.

Features Tested

Apple has designed the two key fitness-focused applications such a way that they could check activity and workout of the user in a variety of conditions. The Cupertino-based company has added these applications into this watch. The watch has on its back a ceramic cover with sapphire lens to protect a specially designed sensor. It uses infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes to pick-up the heart rate of the wearer during workouts. This feature will allow the watch to give a total picture of workouts and daily activities. Based on these data, it provides personal activity goals and rewards the wearer for reaching those personal fitness milestones. The ceramic cover protects the costlier lens from water when the user steps into vigorous exercise routines. The applications and the associated sensors are also designed to withstand a variety of heat and cold conditions. In fact, the sensor is able to distinguish between the outside heat and the internal heat to calculate the amount of work done by the user.

Apple has come out with a new Watch with advanced features. The device helps the users to monitor their activities when they do workout. The company had put its device in different working conditions to ensure its smooth functioning. In this article, we are looking at the conditions in which the Watch was made to work. For more gadget-related information, please visit the link

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